Before & After

I can’t find the perfect picture to match my story.”

Sound familiar?

Whether you want to feature a face on your cover or a story-relevant object, photo manipulation is sometimes needed to get a pic just right. Changes can be made to people, clothing, settings, and so much more. Some edits can be minor while others may take a little more magic and muscle. 

Don’t limit yourself by what you “see” in an image.

Here are a few examples.

Scars, ink, and otherworld additions

Using a dark background image for a light design

Licensed image from Wander Aguiar.
You can view more of his photography at:

Hair and clothing/pose changes

Element & Scene changes

The Fire Queen

Model image (her name is Liepa) and fabric pieces were sourced from Neo-Stock. All other images sourced from iStock.

~Click on The Fire Queen image for a closer look.~

Above images are for illustrative purposes only. Any person depicted is a model.

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