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Beautiful cover art is the first visual connection you make with a reader.
Let me help you make that critical first impression.


Whether you are planning an eBook only release or digital + print, you need to package your book with a cover that will stand out from the crowd while representing you and your story. That’s why I take great care in custom creating each cover design.


starting at*


  • Custom eBook cover design
  • One concept
  • Revision rounds
  • Light photo retouching
  • Upload-ready, web-optimized JPG in various sizes


starting at*


  • Everything in the Custom eBook Cover Package
  • Paperback wrap (front, spine, and back)
  • Photo retouching & manipulation
  • High resolution eBook cover
  • Upload-ready PDF to spec for KDP or IngramSpark

*Starting prices best fit contemporary romance, mystery/thrillers, and general fiction. Please inquire for other genres.

A set of complimentary marketing graphics are included with your eBook + print design when you provide a photographer-licensed image for your cover.

~ Every cover design package includes ~

A complimentary cover placeholder for setting up your preorder and a cover-matching Facebook cover graphic.

Additional discounted graphics bundles are available.

Human artist at work.

No Generative AI Used

The Design Process

Get in Touch

Contact me to check availability and tell me your design needs. I’ll respond with pricing information and address any preliminary questions. If everything sounds good, I’ll send you my Terms of Service to review so that we can proceed.

Tell Me About Your Book

I’ll ask you to complete a form where you share detailed information about your story and design preferences. I’ll review your responses, ask questions if I have any initial concerns, and then confirm your cover booking.

Design Review & Revisions

I’ll use the responses from the questionnaire to design your cover. When the initial concept is ready, I’ll send you an email with a link where you can review the design. I’ll then work with you to refine the cover until it’s perfect.

Frequently asked

Do you use Generative AI in your work?

I do not use nor plan to incorporate generative AI elements in my designs. This type of AI is unethically sourced from the portfolios of hard-working artists.

Each photo manipulation is patiently crafted by a human (me) in each design.

Do you offer pre-made covers?

At this time, all designs are custom created for each story.

Do you offer marketing graphics to help me promote my book?

Yes. Tons.

To get you started, all design packages already include a Facebook cover banner and a placeholder cover graphic for your preorder. Additionally, I offer an array of heavily discounted marketing bundles for various stages of marketing your new release (cover reveals, coming soon, now available, etc). I also offer a-la-carte graphic selections for A+ Content, teasers, banners, and more.

If I don’t offer a bundle with the graphics you need, I can prepare custom graphics and quote those upon request.

What is your availability?

I’m often booked several months out but never hesitate to reach out to check on availability. It’s best to get in touch with me as soon as you know you need a cover (you don’t need to wait until your book is finished or in the last stages of editing). 

Do you have slots available for last minute designs and is there a rush fee?

Occasionally, I am able to adjust scheduled projects, but there are no guarantees. If you need a cover in a rush, please reach out. If I am confident I am able to design your cover and meet your approaching deadline, then a rush fee will apply to the final cost.

What are your payment terms?

Payment terms are 50/50 and all work is invoiced via PayPal. I’ll send you the first invoice for 50% of the design fee before beginning your cover. The balance invoice is sent when the design is approved. Cover files are delivered after the balance payment is received.

I have a photo I've licensed from a photographer. Can you use that on my design?

Absolutely. The image must be properly licensed by the photo’s copyright holder for book cover use and meet the size and resolution requirement based on the design services you request. I can discuss this more if this applies to your design request. 

Are there additional stock image fees?

The design price includes the use of royalty-free stock images licensed from iStock Photo. If you have specific image requests, additional charges may apply. Please note, stock image licenses are not transferable, hence, you do not receive the stock image upon project completion.

Is there a limit to the number of stock images used on a cover?

No. The number of photographs I use generally depends on the end result I am trying to achieve.

There's a stock shot I like, but it's not exactly right. Can you change it up a little?

Yes, as long as the requested change does not violate the stock license agreement. Aside from retouching photos, I also manipulate images in Photoshop and digitally paint when necessary. Some type of stock manipulations include scars, ink, otherworld additions (wings, horns, etc), hair/eye color changes, body changes, and more.

What's the difference between photo retouching and manipulation?

Photo Retouching is the process of editing an image to eliminate imperfections. e.g. removing blemishes, adjusting brightness/contrast, etc. 

Photo manipulation transforms the image into something different by adding new elements, changing the look of objects, and other transformative adjustments. e.g. adding other worldly items such as wings, horns. Changing a model’s hair, adding tattoos, etc. Adding a gun or paranormal energy in the hand, etc.

How many revision rounds do you include?

Anyone who has worked with me will tell you I don’t mind changes. I usually prefer to limit them based on what’s reasonable. Meaning…shift to the left, then an inch to the right, then back to the left again, no right…. that’s not reasonable. However, getting the character’s hair or tattoo accurate based on the story or other elements of that nature will be tweaked until you’re happy.

How many mocks (design concepts) do you include?

A minimum of 1. If I think another concept or variation looks good, I present it.

Do I get to use the mocks if I like them?

No. You have the right to use the final/approved design once it’s delivered. Reese Dante retains the rights and ownership of all design and draft materials.

Can I order an e-book cover now and upgrade to a print cover later?

Yes. When you’re ready to take your book to print, let me know so we can coordinate the schedule. You simply pay the difference between the eBook and print packages.

Should I wait until I have a final page count to order my print book?

You don’t need to wait. I can work on a print wrap using an estimated page count. Then, once you have all the information for the print book, I can adjust the spine and back to match your spec.

What types of files do I receive?

eBook packages include optimized web-resolution (72dpi) jpegs in several sizes that are formatted for use as an eBook cover.

Paperback packages include the eBook cover files, a high resolution (300dpi) jpeg of the front cover, and a ready-to-upload PDF designed to spec (either KDP Print or IngramSpark/LSI).

do not send full-layered PSDs, licensed stock images, font files, or other assets used in the creation of a cover design. I cannot distribute those files because of licensing and copyright issues.

Who owns the copyright to the design?

As the creator of the design, I am the copyright owner. When full payment is received, you are granted an exclusive license to use the design as cover art for your story, but I still retain the copyright ownership and the right to display and promote the design as an example of my work. 

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