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 Art has always been a part of my life.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved art. There wasn’t a safe piece of paper in my home. I doodled everywhere and everything…papers, magazines, envelopes, brother’s homework. Then I started sketching people. I’d go through a magazine and rip out ads, preferably in color, then try to redraw them in a pencil sketch. I’d obsess until I thought it was just as strong as the color photo.

 I’m a perfectionist and enjoy a challenge.

I’ve drawn and designed for years, but my first professional logo was used in 1991 for a community development and my first (published) book cover design appeared in 2005. I hold both a BBA with a specialization in Marketing and an MBA. After working for a national corporation in a marketing position for 15½ years handling all creative aspects of the company, I realized it just wasn’t enough…something was missing. The day-to-day slowly overpowered the creative elements of the job until there was nothing left but management tasks and responsibilities. I realized I enjoyed art a little too much to let it go. I started actively designing book cover art in December 2009 to fuel my creative need. People began asking about my covers and availability (thank you – I am forever grateful). I am now a full-time book cover artist and designer, using my marketing background to create art that grabs the reader’s attention. And I’ve never been happier.

My only regret…not having started this sooner.

As a teenager, my walls were covered by movie posters.  Maybe it’s subliminal after staring at movie posters for so many years.  I don’t know, but I do love a good story, especially those told in a picture.



Book Cover Designer & Artist

I believe designing cover art and working with such talent is truly a blessing. My only regret…not having started this sooner.

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Award-Winning Cover Art


2018 EPIC Ariana Award Winner – Children/Young Reader Cover
ELPIDA by C. Kennedy

2018 M/M Goodreads Group Member’s Choice Awards – Best Cover Art
2nd Place: The Bones Beneath My Skin by TJ Klune

2017 EPIC Ariana Award Winner – General Fiction/Non-Fiction Cover
BROKEN by Nicola Haken

2016 M/M Goodreads Group Member’s Choice Awards – Best Cover Art
1st place: BROKEN by Nicola Haken
3rd place: WOLFSONG by TJ Klune

2016 Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews – Reader’s Choice Awards Best Cover Art
GOLD: BROKEN by Nicola Haken

2016 Rainbow (Book Cover Art) Awards (LGBT)
BROKEN by Nicola Haken
[The following covers also placed in the top 10…]
Full Domain by Kindle Alexander
The Mystery of Nevermore by C.S. Poe
A Mended Man by Jaime Reese

2016 EPIC Ariana Award Winner
THE GATHERING (Cover Category: Children’s/Young Reader)
ENSLAVED (Cover Category: Erotica)
STEEL AND SONG (Cover Category: Fantasy/Paranormal)
RANSOM (Cover Category: Historical)
THE BOYS ON THE MOUNTAIN (Cover Category: Horror)

COMMUNITY LIBRARY award for best book cover
FULL DOMAIN by Kindle Alexander

IRON CROSS by Bianca Sommerland

2015 EPIC Ariana Award Winner – Best Mystery/Adventure Cover
BED OF BONES by Cheryl Bradshaw

2015 The Three Bookateers Indie Awards
Best Cover Designer

2014 Best Cover Art – M/M Goodreads Group Member’s Choice Awards
FULL DISCLOSURE by Kindle Alexander

2014 Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews – Reader’s Choice Awards
FULL DISCLOSURE by Kindle Alexander

2014 InD’tale Magazine’s RONE Awards
Historical Post Medieval – Finalist/Honorable Mention

2014 Rainbow (Book Cover Art) Awards (LGBT)
ORMORPHI by C. Kennedy

2013  eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards – Best Cover Art
STRANGER IN TOWN by Cheryl Bradshaw

SID LOVE REVIEW BLOG – WINNER 2013 Semi-Annual Best Book Cover
TEXAS PRIDE by Kindle Alexander

2012 EPIC Ariana Award Finalist
CAPTURED HEART AND SOUL (Cover Category: Romance)
HERE BE DRAGONS (Cover Category: Erotica)
WARRIOR ANGEL (Cover Category: Fantasy/Paranormal)
KINDRED HEARTS (Cover Category: Historical)
THE SEVERING (Cover Category: Horror)
TEMPEST’S GIFT (Cover Category: Spiritual/Metaphysical)
CLAIMED (Cover Category: Science Fiction)
ALL THE KING’S MEN (Cover Category: Suspense/ Mystery/ Adventure)

2012 Best Cover Art – M/M Goodreads Group Member’s Choice Awards

SPEAK IT’S NAME – WINNER 2012 Best of Awards for Best Cover
SHADOWBOXING by Anne Barwell

2011 Rainbow (Book Cover Art) Awards (LGBT)
CITY FALCON by Feliz Faber

2011 EPIC Ariana Award Winner – Best Contemporary Romance Cover
ONE MORE SOLDIER by Marie Sexton

2011 EPIC Ariana Award Winner – Best Sci-fi/Futuristic Erotic Romance Cover
TOUCH OF LILY by Nina Pierce

Best Cover Artist Award

Alternative-Read.com –WINNER 2011 Best Cover
DRUIDS DAWNING by Lark LaTroy (1st ed. published 2010)

2010 Rainbow (Book Cover Art) Awards (LGBT)
ORACLE by RJ Scott (1st ed. published 2010)

COVER CAFE 2010 Best Cover in Publishing
Alternative Reality Category (195 covers in this category)
FALLEN by Pia Veleno (5th place)
TEMPEST’S GIFT by Robin Leigh Miller (7th place)

LRC (LOVE ROMANCE CAFE) – WINNER 2010 LR Cafe’s Best Cover
1st place SPENCER’S SECRET by Joyee Flynn (ed. published in 2010)
2nd place ORACLE by RJ Scott (1st ed. published 2010)

YOU GOTTA READ REVIEWS BLOG – WINNER September 2010 Cover Contest
ORACLE by RJ Scott (1st ed. published 2010)

BOOKS IN SYNC – WINNER March 2010 Cover Contest

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