Artist. Designer. Perfectionist.

Drawing © 2013. I don’t really have blue hair and eyes, but I digitally painted this a few years ago.

Growing up, there wasn’t a safe piece of paper in my home. I doodled everywhere and everything—papers, magazines, envelopes…brother’s homework. Then I started sketching portraits. I’d go through a magazine, rip out photographs, and then try to redraw them in a pencil sketch. I’d obsess until every detail was just right.

For 15½ years, I held a corporate marketing position. I chose to step out of the traditional office setting and into the role of freelance book cover artist and designer. I now use my design, marketing, and business experience to create art that grabs the reader’s attention. And I’ve never been happier.

My first professional logo was used in 1991 for a community development and my first book cover design was published in 2005. My creations have received numerous awards and accolades and many have graced bestseller titles. For me, there’s something magical about finding that right combination of images and text and then shaping them to create the perfect visual story. Because I do love a good story, especially those told in a picture.

The real me.

  • I’m a self-taught artist.
  • I’ve earned both a BBA (with a specialization in marketing) and an MBA.
  • I love to make lists and smile when I can cross something off as ‘completed’.
  • I think the only “dumb” question is the one not asked.
  • I love books and reading. (I think that one’s a little obvious.)
  • I’m a total nerd for technology and gadgets, but I respect their power immensely.
  • I love animals (and unicorns always make me smile).
  • I love pens, especially gel pens with needle point tips that don’t bleed.
  • I love coffee. The sweeter the better.
  • I often get my right and left confused. (my husband often tells me… “your other right”) I tend to favor one hand over the other for certain things, but can usually perform the same task with either.
  • I don’t eat blue food. Food shouldn’t be blue. Seriously.
  • I cringe every time I see someone stretch or distort a photograph.
  • I don’t have human children. We have a dog named Rocco. He’s our big boy (currently clocking in at 115lbs). He lets my husband and I live in his house.
  • I’m that annoying person who doesn’t forget things. But it’s a definite perk when remembering all the little things my clients like and don’t like.
  • I’m a natural observer and love people watching.
  • I live in South Florida and hate the humidity. I don’t go to the beach and the sun is not my friend.
  • Not counting sarcasm as a language, I’m fluent in both English and Spanish. I also know the alphabet in ASL. I can spot certain words in Italian and French. But ultimately, all I know in French is…how to count to 20, say “My name is”, “two horses”, and “grapefruit”. I also know how to ask “Do you speak French?” But seriously, once they say “oui” I’m sorta stuck. Unless, of course, they are referring to two horses named Grapefruit. Then I’m good.